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Sometimes eBay Hands You a Bonus

Sometimes eBay Hands You a Bonus

I spotted this stamp in a $5.99 eBay junk lot and thought it might be legit. Upon receiving the stamp, not only was it what I thought it was, I discovered what I believe to be a double transfer at top. I confirmed with Karl Lachemacher that it is plate position 23, the Scott listed DT (there are two other plate positions that have DT, one even more dramatic than this position).

So that was a nice litle bonus.

Followup discussion responding to inquiries about R115a in general:

As far as valuing it, that’s a tough one. Presumably an example with both sewing machine perfs and a DT would be very scarce. The question is would anyone pay a premium for it? Both aspects appeal to a fairly narrow collector audience as it is.

The R115a (sewing machine perf) is quite a scarce stamp unto itself. It has LONG been incredibly undervalued in Scott. For years it was valued at $75, well below the $125 assigned to the 25-cent sewing machine perf, despite the 25-cent being much more common… as in a factor of probably 10-20:1.

I have almost 10 examples of the 25-cent sewing machine perf in my collection and have seen many others. It wasn’t until last year that I saw my first example of the 50-center. It was revalued in the 2015 Scott from $75 to $450, which is a long overdue correction and is STILL probably undervalued.

I have personally seen a total of 3 examples: the one from last year, which I then traded to Richard Friedberg to obtain the example from Mike Morrissey’s exhibit, and now this one.

You could easily go several years before seeing one on the market, let alone one with a DT.

R115a with double transfer

Closeup of R115a with double transfer

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