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Some Recent Acquisitions…

Some Recent Acquisitions…

It’s been a while since I posted some of my revenue pick-ups. While COMPEX was, comparatively speaking, a failure for me, I have been picking up items online.

Excluding the items I picked up for resale purposes, here are some of the keepers for my collection.

First, a nice mining bond. Apparently there’s a hoard of these out there, so they are not commanding the cost that mining bonds and stock certificates normally get.

A nice bottom margin example of a part perf.

A moderately tough part perf with GREAT top and bottom margins.

Some nice cancels…

Interesing logo on this one, Bruno Grosche & Co.

I’ve taken a fancy to well-struck embossed cancels/seals. This one is an attractive oil company seal.

A pair of examples of R80c which, while from different sources, capture the complete left margin imprint.

A nicely struck example of a fairly scarce proprietary cancel. Great depiction of a 3-D cube. The initials stand for Albert L. Calder, an apothecary in Providence, Rhode Island.

An absolutely superb stamp and railroad cancel combination.

Lastly, an item from COMPEX that I was quite pleased to find. I’m always on the lookout for “doodle” manuscript cancels, where the clerk drew on the portrait, doodled a design, tic-tac-toe game, etc., capturing some whimsey during a war-torn era.

Rewinding a bit, this first stamp came out of a lot from the United Kingdom several years ago:

Now reuinited several years and several thousand miles later, with a stamp presumably cancelled by the same clerk on the same day. I guess he was REALLY bored that day…. 🙂

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